Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Aquarium Cafe

Did a little paintover of a recent sketch.. I did this sketch in a local cafe that used to be an aquarium. I used to love visiting the aquarium when I was growing up; there was a huge variety of fish there and they even had a small crocodile (which, in retrospect, was kinda cruel given the size of its tank). When I first moved out of home I decided to get goldfish, and I loved watching them swim around in their bowl. Unfortunately though, I was terrible at keeping them alive. I did everything the aquarium guys told me to do, but for some reason, the little buggers just kept dying on me! I became a familiar face at the aquarium during this period (not something that I am proud of..).

Eventually, I gave up and packed up the fish bowl. Since then, as I mentioned, the aquarium has closed and been turned into a cafe that does killer breakfasts. I'm a bit of a regular there now, and on one recent visit I found myself remembering all the fish that used to be there. I imagined their little ghosts swimming around the heads of the customers; an idea that I found a lot more cute than creepy... Anyway, that was what inspired this sketch.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my ultimate favourite variety of goldfish were the pearlscales, AKA golfball fish. They are goofy little fish that are shaped like golfballs (as if that wasn't self-explanatory), and I LOVED them, so they are the fish you see here.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Some more sketches from the tram..

Below are a few sketches of some characters I've been developing for a comic that I may eventually write... They are nameless and will probably remain so...

Ane here are some regular sketches from the tram...







Aand I drew this with the intention of giving it to somebody as an apology... but as it turned out, I wasn't really sorry! So here it is. He is 'sheepish', get it?!! OK, not my most brilliant moment.. but I think it's pretty cute...