Thursday, January 22, 2009

Attack of the Blobheads Pt. 1

I've been a bit of a free agent at work the last couple of days so I've had a lot of time to sketch. I was starting to feel frustrated because there were too many things I wanted to work on.. meaning I didn't know where to start! So, instead of doing any of them, I decided to do a little exercise that I remember reading about somewhere, maybe on someone's blog.. ? Anyway, I think you can probably guess the gist of it.. Draw a bunch of random blobs (even better if you get someone else to draw them for you) and proceed to attempt to turn them into faces. It is a super fun and organic way to loosen up and think outside the box.. I try not to dwell on any one blob for too long, and if i find that I am getting finicky, ie. constantly erasing bits of a face and trying to get it right, then I will usually delete the whole face and start again. I find that when I work this way, the shapes dictate the face for me, meaning the character practically draws itself! Super fun stuff......

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  1. heya!!

    just found your blog through Arran's website. Loved the concept work you did on his monty biggs character, and I really dig this blobs sketch. I'm definitely going to try this excercise out for fun.