Saturday, February 20, 2010

Studies, studies and more studies...

I spent today doing some studies using stock photographs from DeviantArt. These poses are all quick sketches, referenced from photos by the marvelous SenshiStock. At her DA account you will find vast amounts of free-to-use reference photos, in practically every pose imaginable. I had fun doing these, but my hand was really sore by the time I got to pose 34. I did pick up on some bad sketching habits of mine while I was doing them, so at least I definitely learned something!

And this is a value study based directly on a stock photograph by Marcus Ranum. He was fun to draw, loving the zoot suit!

And now I should really go and do some actual paid work. Funny how no matter how fun a job is, I still prefer to do my own stuff. It's like I insist on rebelling against having restrictions of any sort (something I am going to most certainly need to get over, if I ever want to make it as a freelance illustrator!). Anyway, I've done a lot of black and white sketching lately.. gonna go back to colour for my next few tidbits I reckon......

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  1. nice gesturals Kate, its like a collection of bond girls in bathing suits. :P