Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The 3rd Dimension...

I mentioned in my last post that I was planning to do some 3D sculpting. Well, after a couple of days of intensive ZBrush study, here is sculpt numero uno. Obviously, these are just WIPs, and there is loads more to do. Aside from giving her proper eyeballs so she doesn't look like the devil, I am planning to do the following:

- Finish detailing on the ears
- Proper hair sculpt (it's very rudimentary at the moment)
- Eyelashes
- Fine detail such as subtle wrinkles and creases in the lips. I'm not going to go overboard here though, I'm not shooting for hyper-real with this one.
- More skin colour detail, maybe some freckles?
- Give her a headband. I'm yet to figure out the best way to do this using ZBrush.

I'd like to take this one to a finished render, using some SSS to try to create a nice skin material. As mentioned, I don't wanna go hyper-real, I want to tread the fine line between the real-world and stylization.

You may notice the slight bumps on the sides of her forehead. This is a topology issue.. I really need to re-topologise but gawd.. who wants to do that! So I've been putting it off....

Anyways... I like her cheekbones!

Oh, and while we're playing 3D, found this guy the other day when I was sifting through old files on my iPod. I actually took him to a fully-rigged, animatable level in Max, but something got broken in the move from work to home. Will have to investigate, as I'd love to use him to play around with some lip-sync animations..

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  1. Looking good, it'll be interesting to see where you go with it. By the way, I've just started this blog up again. See what you think.