Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tank Girl fan art.

This week I decided to enter the OzComics weekly Facebook challenge. I've been a silent observer for a couple of months now and have entertained the thought of jumping in, but it wasn't until they announced this topic that I could no longer resist temptation. Jamie Hewlett is a hero of mine and the fact that Tank Girl is just beyond awesome goes without saying. I've tried my best to do her justice here. I am not a very strong line artist, I feel like I work a lot better in a painterly style so this was a challenge for me. I obviously still have a lot to learn and since I was working entirely digitally I think my linework was somewhat restricted. It is missing those lovely blobs and shapes that happen naturally when done with real ink, and it's also, let's face it, just pretty messy and incoherent! I also chose to use a fairly restricted colour palette which I feel is working OK.. Overall this was a lot of fun and is quite different to my usual stuff. And now I had better get back to all the work and homework that I SHOULD have been doing these past two days....


  1. Kate you freak. You are a freaking good line artist judging by this. Red with jealousy. Amazing!

    1. Thanks, Sacha but it's all cheating. I never know where to put the darks and the lines etc. That's why I like to work digitally.. flexibility! Your shading skillz leave me in the dust. Having said that, started playing with a brush pen this week and it's pretty rad...

  2. Leon The Zombie ChildAugust 9, 2016 at 9:39 PM

    So rad! colours are perfect!